Interval Training on Mini Trampolines

Mini trampolines are a fun and exciting departure from the standard treadmill or stationary bike. Mini trampolines are great for fat loss and weight management. You can purchase them online, in sports stores or even the local Wal-Mart. The average cost is around $30 dollars and they are small enough to make storage easy.

The greatest aspect of mini trampolines is the fun. Exercising isn’t always fun or exciting and most people view it as a necessary evil. If weight loss is the goal it can be hard to get up and get moving because of that heavy feeling. Interval training on the mini trampoline can alleviate some of those concerns. You feel lighter on the trampoline due to the springs.

Interval training is an effective way to lose weight or maintain current weight. This type of training alternates high intensity segments with low intensity recovery periods. In this way you can work harder, for shorter amounts of time with increased benefits. Mini trampolines offer flexibility for range of movement. They also offer variety, from high intensity jogging in place to slow bouncing in cool off periods. Mini trampolines are good for any fitness level, from world class athletes to the couch potato looking to begin a new fitness regimen.

An example of interval training with a mini trampoline is as follows:

Start a low, slow bounce with both feet for a few minutes while you warm up. For those advanced interval trainers, doing some dumbbell exercises before getting on the trampoline will increase the effects. Begin a slow jog, the same movement that you would use if you were actually jogging down the street. Once you are comfortable increase the pace for sixty seconds. This pace does not have to be at top speed but should be fast enough that you cannot talk easily.

This will be a hard sixty seconds. Then stop and bounce gently for two minutes to cool down and bring your heart rate down. Repeat the process. Sixty seconds of high intensity and two minutes of cool down. Do this for ten minutes to have a short but high intensity workout.

Mini trampoline exercise is not as monotonous as running on the treadmill or riding that stationary bike to nowhere. Concentrating on doing different drills with your mini trampoline keeps your mind off your heavy breathing and helps to maintain momentum for fantastic results.