Interval Training on Mini Trampolines

Mini trampolines are a fun and exciting departure from the standard treadmill or stationary bike. Mini trampolines are great for fat loss and weight management. You can purchase them online, in sports stores or even the local Wal-Mart. The average cost is around $30 dollars and they are small enough to make storage easy. Continue reading


Rebounder trampolines are used for exercise, which in turn will improve endurances, bone density, build muscle mass and improve circulation.  Using a rebounder trampoline in your exercise routine is a must for anyone seeking peak performance and excellent fitness Continue reading


Prefer a rectangle trampoline? A round trampoline just doesn't cut it for some people because it mostly promotes jumping in the center. The reason for getting a rectangle trampoline is it allows for longer jumps and and more focused room for tricks. A longer space means you can do higher jumps towards one direction and keep doing so back and forth Continue reading